Teacher appreciation day | staff remembers favorite teachers

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, we asked some staff members to tell us about some of their favorite teachers.

Jess Rutledge: Michelle Jarboe was an English teacher who was great at relating to the students, but keeping us on task and in line.

Sierra Page: Freshman year Spanish teacher Mrs. Tacheny, because she made the class fun and I looked forward to it everyday and inspired me to learn more languages.

Kristin Berroth: Mrs. Barron made learning fun with personality and teaching style and I really enjoyed 2nd grade.

Jeanne Parry: Mrs. Kuckelman, because she made math really fun and was my coach.

Jessica Imthurn: Mike Beam helped form me into the athlete I was and encouraged me to continue my education and athletics at the collegiate level.

Christian Ulsaker: Mrs. Fenwick. I was a rambunctious child and she helped me and other young boys out with high energy.

Jo Dee Tarbutton: Mrs. Thomas was very personable and did a great job teaching.

Lisa Hull: Air Force ROTC Colonel Roberts B. Fox III. He was an amazing person who wasn’t just amazing as a teacher, but to the US and world. He told me to do what I enjoy. I try to teach this to my students because I want them to enjoy what they’re doing, whether it’s a university, trade school or job.

Brandi Miller: My dad because he was the best. He pushed kids to work hard and taught them how to have fun in science.

Garrett Eck: Mr. Heyd, the baseball coach I was a TA for. I spent a lot of time around him and he was a young teacher who I related to. He gave really good life advice and had high expectations for me.

Jason Miller: Math teacher Ms. Eshom. We both liked math and I was a teacher’s aide for her class.

Brianna Guinn: I really liked my high school art teacher because she gave me responsibilities and her classroom was our sanctuary. 

Brendan Praeger: I had a lot of great teachers, but I think my American history teacher Greg Webb had the biggest effect on how I teach. I don’t think I agreed with him on anything politically, but he challenged my views and made me realize the world was a lot more complicated than it seemed.

Danny Davis: Coach Ludque because we could joke around with him, but at the same time when it was time to get to work he expected great things out of you. 

Lyle Strait: My shop teacher because he was more laid back than most of the other teachers. He didn’t really worry about small infractions and sending us to the office. 

Amy Cassell: Terry Zerfas because he taught drafting and he had a good personality. He was nice, kind, and funny. 

Roger Alderman: Dr. Connie Schrock was the teacher for my Teaching Mathematics course at Emporia State University.  She set high standards for our class and gave us practical things we could use in our classrooms.  I learned twice as much from her one course than from all the classes I took from the Education department combined.

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