Thought Bubble | Many classic books worth the effort

Books are categorized as classics on the basis that no matter when you read it, the book will always be relevant. 

Some of the most commonly known classics are “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Of Mice and Men,” mainly because they are both taught in high school English classes. Though most classics are widely known, people still tend to be hesitant to read them. Some classics can be very beneficial to read though —that’s what makes them classics. They have stood the test of time and continue to do so. 

Juniors work to provide safe prom experience

Junior class officers are looking at making some changes to prom to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. 

Junior class president Sarah Vanstory created a slideshow about the potential plans for prom to give people an idea of what the class is planning to do. “I shared my Google Slide presentation with Mrs. Hutley, Mr. Starnes, and Ray Finley from the county health department so they could review it and discuss it. They seemed pretty open to my proposal,” Vanstory said. Her slideshow included a schedule of the events of the day and what adjustments they are planning to implement to make it safe. 

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