Senator Jerry Moran visits WHS

AJ Grutsch | editor in chief

WHS received a visit from senator Jerry Moran last week.

Student Council president Robert Potter, accompanied by Danielle Murphy and Maverick Havenstein, led the senator through a few of the classrooms, the auditorium, the agriculture shop and a few other corners of the school. 

The visit was quite surprising, with teachers only receiving information about his arrival that morning. With the tour being so unexpected, the senator was only able to visit a few parts of the building.

Moran was also introduced to some of the staff at Wabaunsee. With each class Moran would enter, he would ask each teacher a few questions about what led them to teaching.

The students who showed the Senator around were excited to show off the school. “It was nice to show him around and it was cool letting him tour our school,” Danielle Murphy said. 

Moran said he was impressed with some of the students he got to meet at Wabaunsee, as well as the classes we offered. “The students were great. That’s where it starts, with people. And I was pleased to see the variety of classes with an emphasis on technical education.” 

When asked why the senator chose to visit Wabaunsee, Moran said, “Educating students is one of the most important tasks a government can have. Most of those issues revolving around education occur in Topeka or here at the school board, not in Washington D.C. I serve on every committee in the congress that has something to do with education, like the funding of educational programs. I want to see how those dollars are being spent but mostly, I look at this as an opportunity to connect with kids who are sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen years old and make sure I have an understanding about what is going on in their lives. Most of the decisions we make in Washington D.C.  affect people that age more than the people my age.” 

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