Drama students prepare for fall play

AJ Grutsch | editor in chief

WHS drama is less than a week away from hitting the stage.

On Saturday, the drama class will perform scenes from “Nothing Serious” by Rich Orloff.

The drama class consists of three students, junior Miguel Hernandez and freshmen Zoey Stone and Pierce Shanks. They all play multiple roles to fill more parts of the play, however other students are pitching in to help make the play complete. 

“It’s difficult to choose a play with such a small cast, and they are all new this year,” director Brendan Praeger said. Drama recruited students from outside of the class to perform several other scenes. “It makes rehearsal difficult, but I’m glad more students have the opportunity to join the play,” Praeger said.

All of the students are relatively new to the acting scene, making this their first ever play performed as a group for an audience. “I feel nervous about the performance because I will be performing in front of a hopefully big audience. I also don’t want to mess up in front of my family,” Stone said. 

When asked what they had learned practicing, Stone said, “I have learned that sometimes you just have to push your worries and insecurities to the back of your mind and just push through them and act like you are a confident person even if you’re not.” 

Hernandez said timing was very important and that expressions matter too. All students had mentioned memorizing lines as one of the biggest challenges when getting ready to perform. When you need to learn multiple parts, there are more lines to memorize. 

While this play may have more roles than students, the class thought this play suited them more than any other. Hernadez said, “At first we wanted a serious, well thought out play that would tantalize the audience, but most of us were new to this so we decided to go with nothing too serious.” 

Check out “Nothing Serious” at 7 p.m. December 10 in the WHS Auditorium. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for students.


  • Miguel Hernandez
  • Zoey Stone
  • Pierce Shanks
  • Payton Wurtz
  • Rhett Parry
  • Rebekah Stuhlsatz
  • Lanson Parry
  • Macy Alderman
  • Danielle Murphy
  • AJ Grutsch

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