Thought Bubble | Christmas season starts when I say it does

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? 

For years, many, many families and friends have debated this question “When does the Christmas season actually start?” For some people, the festivities start the day after Thanksgiving, but some start the day after Halloween, or sooner. 

For anyone who has ever had a conversation with me from November 1 through December 26, you know that I am a Christmas fanatic. I’ve been wearing a Christmas sweater since September and listening to holiday music since the end of October. It’s pretty clear where I stand on the argument. Christmas starts when Cross Country season ends. 

After arguing with my family for countless hours of my life, I decided it was time to find out what everyone else’s thoughts were. 

I took to Instagram and posted a poll asking when the viewers thought the season started. The results were shocking to me, being an early Christmas-er. 

“After Thanksgiving” won by 11 votes, coming in at 58% popularity. While before Thanksgiving trailed behind with 27 votes and 42% popularity.

To me, this just didn’t seem like enough information. When do people like to put their trees up? Start watching movies? But most importantly, when do the Christmas socks come out? 

But the numbers just weren’t enough for me. I needed to know what my fellow classmates’ opinions were. So I began questioning students and staff members. 

When does the Christmas season really start?

“After Thanksgiving.” 

freshman Cole Frank

“December 16th or later.” 

sophomore Grady Perrin

“Whenever I finally have all my things organized, which is not right now.” 

secretary Jeanne Parry

Favorite Holiday Tradition?

“Opening one present on Christmas Eve.” 

Grady Perrin

“Going to church on Christmas Eve, then coming home and decorating Gingerbread houses.” 

Cole Frank

“Getting the matching family pajamas and wearing them the night before.” 

Jeanne Parry

Matching Family Pajamas Yes or No?

“Uhh pass, maybe if it was like boyfriend girlfriend matching pajamas, that’s fine I guess. But family, no.” 

Cole Frank 

“That is DISGUSTING.” 

Grady Perrin

I’m a bit disappointed in some of the answers *Grady Perrin*, but to each their own. 

As the holiday season continues, I too, will continue to cover the most wonderful time of the year.

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