Question of the week | Valentine Day edition

What do you think the biggest difference is between dating for teens today and dating when your parents were in high school?

“A lot of the way you communicate is over the phone via snapchat or instagram and it has a big influence on how we treat each other.” — Senior CJ Glotzbach

“Back then they were raised to respect women, and now guys disrespect women and treat them like objects.” — Freshman Ava Huske

“Age gap. My parents are seven years apart and I feel like that would definitely not be allowed now. Even a senior dating a freshman is a little weird now, but I don’t judge.” — Junior Olivia Mayer

“Teens in the 1950s most often dated as a couple, as opposed to a big group of kids “hanging out.” They used cars for transportation, and it was a dress-up affair. Lots of time was spent on the proper grooming and attire. Official rules of society were expected to be followed such as who picks up whom, curfews were imposed, and manners were expected to be on display. Chaperones were often required at school related events, as well as those sponsored by the church or the community. Many female teens were required by their parents to be 16 or older. It seems to me that these days a sequence of texts can indicate a couple is “dating.” Very sad for our culture that human contact has been reduced to interaction on a machine.” — Science teacher Lisa Hull

“Today you can talk to someone and get to know them really well without even meeting face to face which most adults today can’t really fathom.” — Senior Justin Carlson

Describe your perfect first date.

“I don’t care as long as they pay.” — Freshman Emily Meyer

“The moon and stars, a bonfire, a blanket, some nice tunes dancing and delicious tapas!!” — Art Teacher Brianna Guinn

“I think it’d be cool if she was a girl and was pretty.” — Senior Jacob Daley

“Eating at a nice place next to the water, not like we have places like that here in Kansas, and maybe go see a movie.” — Sophomore Matthew Vanstory

“Spaghetti and meatballs.” — Junior Ryan Schutter

What’s your favorite romantic movie or song?

“Titanic… the love they show each other by not fitting both of them on the door WHEN THERE IS CLEARLY ROOM FOR TWO PEOPLE… so romantic.” — Spanish teacher David Amer

“A kiss to build a dream on by Louis Armstrong, Ol’ Satchel mouth pulls my heart strings. Thanks Sleepless in Seattle, you ruined me!” — Art teacher Brianna Guinn

“Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You. Song: “Black sheep” by Metric.” — Junior Eliza Barton

“My favorite song is “Tonight We Ride” by Justin Lawrence. It’s a really nice song “ — Freshman Justus Lawton

“Hear You Me” Jimmy Eat World — Freshman Ava Huske

“The Bounty Hunter, because it is really funny watching the couple continue to argue while chasing a guy.” — Senior C.J. Glotzbach

“Today you can talk to someone and get to know them really well without even meeting face to face which most adults today can’t really fathom.” — Senior Justin Carlson

“I feel like dating now consists of labels, bad communication, and untraditional couples activities. IDK, like it’s almost too boring now.” — Junior Eliza Barton

What would be the biggest red flag on a first date?

“Rude to the staff at restaurants. Or 3-in-1 body wash.” — Junior Eliza Barton

“Recognizing them from the last family reunion. Never again…” — Spanish Teacher David Amer

“No shoes? HIGH FIVING THE FLOOR!?” — Senior Jacob Daley

“Mullets.” — Junior Dee Glotzbach

“If they talk about zodiac signs.” — Freshman Kaden Coon

“Being on their phone.” — Senior Kyndal Maike

“If they aren’t loaded and can’t pay for my meal.” — Freshman Emily Meyer

“If he shows up wearing a mask.” — Freshman Payton Wurtz

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