Baseball graduates experienced class, but well-stocked for future

Hannah Mumpower | @Hlmump01

With school being transitioned to completely online due to the current stay at home order as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHS coaching staff and players took time to reflect on the season that could have been.

With the 2020 season, the baseball team had some changes to the coaching staff. David Amer and Colby Harris joined the team as assistant coaches.

“I was really enjoying getting back into the baseball groove and working with all of the guys,” Amer said. “It sucks we don’t get to enjoy baseball this spring, but if it helps keep family members alive, it’s what we need to do.”

Like the other coaches, head coach Jeron Weisshaar was disappointed by the stopped season. “Obviously disappointment, frustration, etc, but I pretty much knew it was coming, so I wasn’t shocked.  Not really sure how many of the players reacted as I was not able to physically tell them that the season had been cancelled, but I’m sure, for many, it was much the same of disappointment and frustration on various levels.”

This year’s team was composed mostly of juniors and seniors, however, according to Weisshaar, the team had “potentially the largest freshman class in several years” which presented the possibility of one of the largest teams in program history.

The Chargers were looking to be led by five seniors. Top returners included Jackson Frank (2019 All-MEL) and Chad Chambers (2018, 2019 All-MEL and All-State).

“I believe this year’s seniors would have had a tremendous impact on the team,” Weisshaar said. “Four of the five were going to be 4-year players; 3 of them looking to be 4-year starters pretty much, plus being the last of the group from the state-qualifying team a few years ago, that’s a lot of experience that will be missed.”

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