Opinion | New Taylor Swift album will please fans of Old Taylor

Kaytlyn Meseke and Laurel Barber review “Lover”

Who’s still making music about her exes? That’s right — T-Swift.

In April, Taylor Swift released her first single from her seventh album, “Lover.” When “ME!” was released, we reviewed the single along with looking back to our childhoods and how they were affected by Tay Tay. After the full album’s release on Friday, it’s time to see whether the old Taylor is back.

When the release date from the album was approaching, we weren’t anticipating it at all. We actually didn’t even realize that it was releasing until our adviser suggested that we review it. We decided to give the album a listen because we both enjoyed “ME!” and thought Swift wouldn’t release an awful album. And of course automatically, we fell in love with her all over again.

Kaytlyn Meseke: “My first thought on the album is that it’s pretty catchy. There are a lot of songs that sound similar to older songs, for example “The Archer” sounds like something she’s already written, but yet I can’t put my finger on what song it is. So props to her for being able to keep her original sound, but still make it really different. I also noticed how much imagery she uses, which makes the songs even more fun with all of her descriptions. But for a first time hearing the entire album, overall I really loved it.”

Laurel Barber: “When I first heard the album I thought it sounded like old T-Swift. You can hear her pain and happiness in each of her songs and I love it. She never fails to add something different to her songs whether that’s adding someone or a different sound it keeps people on their toes and she definitely did that in this album.”

Of course Taylor Swift is known for writing about her exes and exaggerating the entire scenario in her songwriting. Even if Old Taylor was dead, then she must still be writing her songs from the grave because multiple songs included stabs about an ex. But how else does this album compare to the others?

LB: “I think that Tay Tay has slowed down her music from the fast pace it was in her previous few albums and I really respect that from her. She has in my opinion really gone back to her roots and made her music for the kids that fell in love with her music back in 2006.”

KM: “From the sound and brightness of this album I enjoy this one much more than dark revenge vibe that was given off from “Reputation”. It’s truly nice to think that Old Taylor might not be completely dead and that there is hope that she can do a little bit of pop and country at the same time.”

It’s now been four months since “ME!” was released as a single, meaning it’s been playing on the radio for four months now and since we first discussed our thoughts on the song.

KM: “My opinion completely changed over “ME!” I didn’t like it when it first came out and we reviewed it. In my mind I was pretty set on not liking T-Swift anymore because I’m just really not a fan of pop music, but as it started to play on the radio more and more I grew to like it because of its catchiness. It’s still not my favorite, but it’s also not my least favorite on this new album.”

LB: “I was really excited when I first heard that song on the radio I was really digging it and got really into it. I absolutely loved it from the beginning and I still do!”

Tay Tay might not have us jumping on our beds anymore or recreating music videos, but she for sure has us screaming her lyrics with the windows down while driving. She did it again by making an album for everyone, for those who are hopeful for love, those who are going through a heartbreak or for those who just always have a soft spot for her as an artist like us.

LB: “My final thoughts on the album are that I think Taylor did an amazing job capturing the audience and making them notice that she is back and ready to blow off her exes in the best way possible. She does a good job expressing the feelings of people going through different things in the album and I’m so excited to have it on repeat for the next 3 months.”

KM: “I really didn’t think that I would like this album really at all, but I can’t wait to ugly sing in the car when picking up my kids from school in the future. I expected it to be another okay album because I didn’t think that it could beat her old albums. I still don’t think it beats her country albums but that’s like comparing apples and oranges. When comparing apples to apples, or “Reputation” to “Lover”, I like this new one much better. My final thought is that Swift is still doing a great job writing about her exes and making money off of it.”

— Kaytlyn Meseke, Laurel Barber, @kaytlyn_nelle, @lawl_e_20

Our song Rankings from ehh to uhhh huh:

18. I Think He Knows

17. You Need To Calm Down

16. False God

15. ME!

14. Afterglow

13. Cornelia Street

12. It’s Nice To Have A Friend

11. Death By A Thousand Cuts

10. Paper Rings

9. The Archer

8. Daylight

7. London Boy

6. The Man

5. Lover

4. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

3. I Forgot That You Existed

2. Cruel Summer

1. Soon You’ll Get Better (ft. Dixie Chicks)

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