WHS to Switch to 21-Period School Days

Issues regarding the loss of electives due to schedule change led the school board to vote in favor of 21-period school days for the 2019-2020 school year.

Recently, WHS made the announcement to switch from an 8-hour block schedule to a 7-hour standard schedule for the next school year. After further research, the school board found that the loss of electives will have more of an impact than expected.

“After looking at the pros and cons of the 7-hour schedule, we kept coming back to the issue of the loss of electives,” an anonymous WHS administrator said. “We found that the loss of electives was just not worth it in the end and so we have decided to extend the amount of time students spend on those extra classes.”

Classes will now be only 15 minutes long, with a 1.5 minute passing period between classes. While it seems short, research shows that students will exert more brain power on core math and science classes if they are allowed more creative freedom through electives.

“Electives will broaden our young people’s minds and allow them to embrace their own individuality by choosing other lesser known classes and skills to learn rather than narrowing their classes down to the more rigorous core classes and electives,” counselor Marilyn Workman said.

“It seems short, but 15 minutes is about 13.5 minutes longer than any freshman can pay attention,” English teacher Brendan Praeger said. “I’m also concerned that I’ll see the annoying students too often throughout the week.”

In addition to the schedule change, the board approved a list of new classes to be added next school year. These classes will be offered to all students and will be taught by current faculty and community members.

New classes:


Cake Decorating



Fortnite Dancing

Instagram Strategies and Ethics

Paranormal Studies


Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse 101

Stress Management

Game of Thrones Theory

Tree Climbing

Russian Spy Theory

Computer Hacking

Napping 101

Advanced Napping

Shade Throwing

Shade Repelling

Movie Trivia

The Art of Snacking

Early 2000s Disney Channel Movie Studies

Conspiracy Theory 101

Evolution of Taylor Swift

Event Planning

K-Pop Appreciation

The Art of Board Gaming

Binge Watching

Rubiks Cubology

Watusi Wrangling

— Hannah Mumpower, @Hlmump01


Happy April Fools from the WHS Charger!

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